Golf club use
02.08.2021 | golfbelievers | Golf Blog Album

1. Driver (also called fairway wood): used for teeing on the ladder, it is the most expensive pole but the most OB.
2. Fifth wood: used on the fairway, its purpose is to retain some players who are about to be eliminated by golf.
3. The second iron: It is very difficult to use in narrow fairways or in the wind, and most of them are used by professional players. The amateur players who tee off on the white ladder originally did not need to configure it. The reason they would buy this rod is to show their skill level. If used on the ladder, they will play the same against the wind and roll the earth. At the beginning of the wind, Woods used the needle-stitched missile fired by the second iron.
4. The number three iron: used on the fairway, or a long par three. It makes us understand how difficult golf is to tame and teaches us to respect golf, but many people do not feel embarrassed, they simply pull it out of the club bag.
6. The fourth iron: The function is the same as the third iron. It can also be used as a putter when occasionally forgetting to bring the putter. Many people claim that this is his best pole, just like an eighty-year-old man claims that he is Qijirou. It's just a claim, who won't!
7. The fifth iron: used for par three holes and slender fairways. Most of the time, it was used to help Luo Laiba wipe his butt, when Luo Laiba opened N OB and his companions were laughing to death on the stairs.
8. Sixth iron: Just like a person's ring finger, no one is sure of its purpose. The reason it has a bag is just to make up the numbers and keep the clubs neatly separated in the bag.
9. The seventh iron: This club hides a big secret. It is the only iron that coaches in Taiwan can play. This explains why they always use the seventh iron to teach students.
10. The eighth iron: used on the fairway to send the ball to the green, but the ball will definitely enter the sand pit. So aiming at the green ~ into the sand pit, aiming at the green ~ into the sand pit, endlessly, if you violate the above laws, this iron rod is determined to be faulty, please send it for repair.
11. Nine irons: Everyone agrees that this is the easiest. The most prone to mallet pole, because it seems that it is easy for someone to lose their guard and provoke Ojo Daishi. Just like the warnings on tobacco and alcohol that hinder your health, it is currently being studied to put warnings on the nine irons that will be produced in the future. This stick has a high hammer rate, please use it carefully.
12.P pole: used to deal with poor and embarrassing situations. It is the busiest of the irons, and there is little chance to rest in the pole bag. In the whole game, it was almost only passed in the hands of the club brother and the players, and the rest of the time was closed in the special confinement room at the bottom left of the golf cart.
13. A pole: This pole is an illegitimate child of an extramarital affair. Its identity is extremely embarrassing, because there is no such pole in the iron pole of the distance, and most of them need to be matched separately. It has many pseudonyms, commonly called A rod, some call it F rod or U rod, and some simply call it No. 11.
14. P/S rod: The most creative and uncreative name is P/S, which means that the range of use of this rod is between P and S, and its hitting distance is between P and S. Adding the distances and dividing by two is very simple and complicated. I wonder if you understand?
15. S rod: It is mainly used to hit the ball in the sand pit on the green. The correct method is to directly hit the sand under the ball without playing the ball, and use the sand as the medium to make the ball go to the green. So some honest players will continue to play sand in the sand pit, play sand again, play sand all the time...
16. Putting: What brand will always be, I can guarantee it!! No matter how many times you push, you will surely push forward~