Golf terms
Golf terms
01.18.2021 | golfbelievers | Golf Blog Album

In the game, what are the general terms of golf.

1. Birdie: If the number of strokes used is one less than the par, such as a par four, it takes only three strokes to successfully hit the hole into the hole, which is called a birdie.

2. BOGEY Bogey: Bogey refers to a golfer who uses one stroke more than the set of the hole to complete the hole. For example, the par is 4, but the player finishes the hole with 5 strokes.

3. Golf standard: It is composed of 18 holes. The 18 holes are divided according to the distance. There are par three holes (short holes), par four holes (middle holes) and par five holes (long holes).

4. Hole in one: The golfer hits the ball from the service area, the ball is not in the fairway, stays on the green, after rolling or directly into the hole, this situation is called one shot Into the hole.

5. Par: It is the number of shots corresponding to the distance of the hole. The par of the three holes is three, and so on.

6. Par: If you hit the hole with a par score, this is called par. For example, a par three hole is just completed with three strokes, even if it is a par or a par.