Recommendations before buying golf clubs
Recommendations before buying golf clubs
03.04.2021 | golfbelievers | Golf Blog Album

First, understand the purpose of golf.

This is very important. After you know your goal of playing, it's easy to buy a club. For example, if you play golf just want to accompany a certain boss or leader occasionally, then there is really no need to spend too much time and money on club selection. If you are in a fanatical love of golf and want to seize every opportunity to practice golf in the future, then you can be more focused on purchasing equipment.

Second, assess your interest in golf and later investment

Don't worry about the price of the club or the model of the club, I suggest you first evaluate how much energy you will put into golf later. Will you practice regularly in the future? Will you go to register for a golf interest class? If the answer is "no" or "probably no", then buy some cheaper ones. If the answer is yes, you certainly don’t want to buy more expensive ones.

Third, new or second-hand?

Many people will consider "face" when buying golf clubs. Talking about their club configuration with their golfers, buying them at a high price makes them feel very face. But if you are not sure whether you will spend a lot of time on it in the future, or you used to give up on your hobby often, I advise you to buy a set of second-hand clubs. The price is cheaper and it is convenient to change in the future.