The origin story of golf
The origin of golf
01.18.2021 | golfbelievers | Golf Blog Album

The birthplace of golf recognized by most countries in the world is Scotland.

Perhaps everyone will be more familiar with the relationship between the UK and golf. In fact, there are still two different versions in history: First, it is believed that the Scottish shepherd discovered this interesting game of "strike the rocks into the nest" while herding sheep. Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, when the Scottish shepherds were grazing on the vast grasslands, they used stones to hit the sheep, and the sheep would run far, far. In order to get it back, they used a sheep shovel to shovel a piece of turf or a stone on the ground to make the sheep turn back. Later, it developed that many shepherds played games together while grazing during their leisure time. Some of them were rabbit holes. They began to compete for who could hit the holes more accurately and who could hit those stones into the holes with one shot. This is the beginning Golf. Second, it is said that in the early fifteenth century, golf originated from a game of hitting a ball on the grass where soldiers stationed in the city of St Andrews on the North Sea coast of Scotland often played on the grass after training.

1. Golf is a sport that is rooted in nature and is the closest to and loving nature;
2. Golf is the most prominent event characterized by the player's own opponent;
3. The most challenging sports;
4. Golf is a sport that emphasizes civilization and courtesy;
5. Compared with other sports, golf is a less traumatic sport;
2.Golf is a highly international sport.