What kind of clothes are suitable for golf
01.18.2021 | golfbelievers | Golf Blog Album

What kind of clothing should we wear for golf?

Where golf originated has always been a controversial topic, but when it comes to golf apparel, we still have to start with the British gentleman’s demeanor. The impression of golf’s elegant sports is largely influenced by the British gentleman’s demeanor. Polo, tennis, squash, badminton, lawn bowls and other sportswear, most of which are Polo-style T-shirts and shorts, generally light-colored polo shirts and shorts, the color appearance is generous, and golf clothing is the same Very close to yes. Of course, the golf clothing is a Polo-style T-shirt with long trousers, and leather shoes-style spikes. The clothing is similar to a casual suit style. Even if you wear it to work or visit customers on weekdays, you will not lose sight.